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We use only the sweetest hickory wood to make our Smokey Jerky and you can really taste it. The flavour is well infused with a mouth-watering sweetness on the tip of your tongue, delicious. It is savoury as well, making it the perfect combination to satisfy that deep growl of hunger…Mmmm


We have done the impossible! Provide great Teriyaki flavour without the over the top sweetness of other Teriyaki flavours. How you might ask? Well we stuck to our Motto of Less is Best in the sugar department and just left it out! It’s not brain surgery it’s just Beef made Better, by Byron Jerky.


No; not sweet BBQ, real Char Grilled experience. You know how good a home made beef Pattie that is filled with onion and fresh herbs tastes after it has been flame grilled over a wood fire? It’s that good, and ready now, no need to fire up the Barbie. At Byron Jerky… we make good beef… Better! Enjoy.

Smokin' Hot

Get cosy with this winter warmer, it’s like sidling up to a camp fire. With a beautiful deep hickory wood smoke and a little kick from the Birds Eye chilli on the end, Smokin’ Hot will take you on a flavour journey worthwhile sharing with your friends.


Hand crafted, from the second our beautiful clean grass fed Australian Beef is delivered, we carefully blend our herbs, spices and marinades making sure that each batch is perfectly flavoured. A slightly sweet and tangy Chilli Jerky with the ‘eat any time’ mild chilli experience.


Taco party for the tastebuds? At Byron Beef Jerky we take premium grass-fed beef and make every day TACO Tuesday; the healthy way. Artificial preservative free with the most amazing spicy taco flavour without more than a tantalizing tickle on the tongue. Everyone loves Mexicana.

Extra Hot 

BHUT JOLOKIA....baaahahahahahahha(LMFHO) you said BHUT...ahem...

Now let me tell you there is not much that we are really too serious about at Byron Jerky (except of course the quality of our ingredients and our flavours) so when we tell it’s Extra Hot we really mean it. WE DON’T JOKE ABOUT FLAVOUR.

Devils Doo-Doo

Okay there is no way around this, it’s just PURE EVIL. For people who are CRAZY about their chilli. Please note this is 18+ product, really and truly not for minors or the faint hearted. We welcome you to burn with the best of them….hint check out the handsome guy on the pack.

Teriyaki Crocodile

Could you ever imagine a crocodile being tender? It is not an image that one normally has but you can snuggle up with this one, it is melt in your mouth. Made from Free range Australian Crocodile Meat which is low in fat and high in protein and I can guarantee, you will not find this jerky everywhere, only at Byron Beef Jerky.

Teriyaki Kangaroo

If you love gamey, come and get it, this one is for you. 

The process of air dying the Jerky accentuates the richness of the ever so lean kangaroo. With all the great flavours of soy, garlic, ginger and black pepper in a great chewy stick. We have added just a smidge of Grass-fed beef to PERFECT THE FLAVOUR AND TEXTURE.


 10-12 Dudgeons Lane, Bangalow,  NSW 2479


02 66870500

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