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Sustain Your Energy with Biltong from Wholesalers in Australia


If you enjoy retailing to hikers and other wilderness fans but don’t want to break the bank, look to Byron Bay Jerky as biltong wholesalers in Australia. We produce genuine, natural products without any preservatives to maximise more.

When You Buy Biltong Online in Australia Look Out for Byron Beef Jerky


Our beef jerky, beef biltong and biltong sticks contain 100% free range, grass-fed beef that has not consumed grain finishing. Having South African roots has equipped us to provide biltong products with mouth-watering taste more.

For Your Next Jerky Subscription Box, Make a Healthier Choice


A jerky subscription box is a terrific way to keep delicious, easy-access snacks in your home. Kids and adults love beef jerky, whether for school lunches, road trips, hikes, or just for something to snack on around the more.

Current State of the Jerky Industry in Australia

A long time ago I was a young African boy living the life of a young African boy and doing the things young Africans do. One of those things was learning (under very Close supervision) how to gently toast coriander to the perfect colour and aroma, wait for it to cool and then add it to the spice mix our family have used for generations to make our Biltong, which was just as much a part of who we were as the velskoene on our feet.

My mind often wonders to those days. There is no way that little boy could have known what kind of impact this would have on his life.

Now as a man I still toast coriander.... the little pan is just a whole lot bigger.

My team and I still make biltong the same way I did when I was a tiny boy and my forefathers did for generations before me.

I've seen what's sprung up as a biltong industry and hang my head in shame... Our ancestors would not call what is being commercially made Biltong.

Biltong is a simple food made of meat, herbs salt and vinegar. They would never use Harsh Chemicals Like Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Nitrite or Sulphur Dioxide or brain killers like MSG. You just have to put those chemicals on meat to see why they cause cancer.

Then a new thing started to happen. I started getting approached by Food Tech companies offering me a way to increase my dry weights (profits), by using their Celery or Beetroot Powder, Sea Salt Extracts, fillers and sugar I could make an extra 35-40%!

I went overseas to America only to find those same ingredients being used over there. Their jerky is rubbery and tacky with sugar. We ate a lot of it at a 'Health Food' Convention, our mouths first started to tingle and then felt raw and tasted weird.

They all have the claim 'Free From Nitrites/Preservatives except those naturally occurring in Celery Juice and/or Beetroot Powder and/or Sea Salt'.

I made the enquiry of these food tech companies when I got back and they said, yes, the Nitrite is extracted from those base ingredients and then used in food products. They are still technically those ingredients though but are the nasty extract.

This is now rife in Australia and most brands are now doing this. Customers are being duped by false claims into buying something they thought is healthy but is listed by the World Health Organization as Toxic.

As a man, a husband and a father I guarantee you that I will never hurt you, your spouse or your children in this manner.

If you don't like our flavors or textures that is okay, I don't expect everyone will like every bit of food I every produce.

I do think that consumers need to be made aware of what is going on so that you can all make educated decisions about what you are eating and feeding your families


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