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Buy Biltong Online in Australia

When You Buy Biltong Online in Australia Look Out for Byron Beef Jerky

Our beef jerky, beef biltong and biltong sticks contain 100% free range, grass-fed beef that has not consumed grain finishing. Having South African roots has equipped us to provide biltong products with mouth-watering taste and superior quality successfully. 

What You Can Expect from Byron Beef Jerky Regarding Beef Biltong 

Jerky and Biltong are similar products with the only difference being in the processing. Jerky is a form of meat preservation used by a South American tribe who called it ‘ch’arki’ which means to burn meat, hence jerky is smoked. Biltong, however, is cured with a mixture of spices, vinegar or Worcestershire sauce and is not smoked. 


  • Natural ingredients: Byron Beef Jerky refuses to compromise on quality and nutrition, and consequently acquire top quality natural ingredients for use in our guilt-free snacks. Our healthy, high protein snacks don’t contain added hormones, artificial preservatives, colourants, flavours, nitrates, sorbates, sulphates nor MSG. 

  • Traditional family recipes: Tried and tested family recipes, passed down through the generations, ensures a rich, robust flavour, while the only tweaking we did, was to ensure all ingredients are healthy. 

  • Health benefits: Grass fed cattle have an optimal omega ratio of 6:3, while their meat contains three to five times more CLAs and is lower in saturated fats than grain-fed cattle, add to this the fact that our products are preservative free, and you must agree, ours is a quality, healthy option.

Related Services We Provide to Beef Biltong

Buy biltong online in Australia from our user friendly online shop or our stores or at Woolworths® Variety is the spice of life, when you opt for online shopping we showcase the products we have on offer.


  • Variety: Biltong sticks are a favourite in any lunch box or road trip cooler bag, with a large range of flavours for your selection. Other popular variants include shaved biltong and dry ‘wors’ (sausage). 

  • Retail and wholesale support: Successful merchandising requires a great product and tremendous retail support. At Byron Beef Jerky, you can have both. With comfortable margins and a superb support program, you’re able to launch our scrumptious and nutritious products successfully.

  • Online services: Ensuring our products are accessible to the public has seen the development of our no-fuss online store. There are three sections, Jerky, Biltong and a Gift Shop. Shipment is available nationwide, and PayPal takes care of payments.

Why Byron Beef Jerky and Beef Biltong is Cost Effective

Our primary goal with this business is not profits, rather the efficient and effective supply of healthy high nutritious protein snacks with a phenomenal taste. Everything we offer the market is fit for our children’s lunch boxes; Byron Beef Jerky would never deliver a product for sale that was not safe and healthy for our children or us. 

You just have to take a bite mate, order yours today. This is one online purchase you will never regret making.


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