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12 Dudgeons Lane, Bangalow, NSW, 2479

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Awesome Opportunities for Retailers


Sell a product you can reccomend with pride.



The diverse features of our products combined with competitive pricing and full GS1 Compliant packaging make it suited to a wide range of retail operations from small corner stores, liquor stores, health food stores, to major national chains running automated stock management systems. 


Retailers, you are no longer in the position where you are forced to sell jerky that is full of preservatives, glazes, fillers and whatever other garbage people can think of to put in their products. Click here to view some real science done on our behalf regarding of the health benefits of eating our product. 



Click here  if you would like to have one of our friendly staff contact you.


Click here if you are already retailing our products and would like promotional material

Business Opportunities - Get in on the action!


In every sense ours is a grassroots movement, our customers and us united in the belief that jerky can be tasty, healthy and ethically made


We come from the markets, and it doesn't matter how big the business gets we will always make our bulk products available to our community through them. 


A not so new addition to our family of dedicated outlets are mall kiosks which are also now available 


If you'd like to have a stall and make some extra money in your spare time, our market stalls are perfect for you, but if you'd like to 'Go Pro' our kiosk are a very successful full time option. Please use the contact form below to register your interest and one of our freindly staff will contact you.

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 10-12 Dudgeons Lane, Bangalow,  NSW 2479


02 66870500

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