It all started on our family farm nestled in the quiet rolling foothills of the Byron Shire hinterland. Founded in 2002 we built a reputation as the supplier of choice for the finest locally grown salad mixes and herbs and supplied a broad client base ranging from small grocery and fruit & veg stores to five hat restaurants and hotels from Yamba in the South to The Gold Coast in the North.


One of my greatest teachers once said to me that 'True Happiness' comes from finding what you love and finding a way to do that for a living. Farming was always easy, and when the time came to follow a new path, the decision was again, easy. We love Biltong, we know if it's done properly it is a healthy and nutritious snack food that offers an alternative to the junk food that's become far too popular in todays world and by offering our new product to you through retailers and this website where you can buy your biltong or african beef jerky online we're making this available to everyone

The straight up and simple truth of why we've gone and rertofitted our processing plant is two fold.


Firstly, our farming business was suffering. Ever increasing rains, temperature variabilities, lack of sunlight and the disease conditions those factors bought about were leading to cost impacts we simply couldn't sustain and we needed to get out.


Secondly, there was an opening in a market that we decided we could develop a business to fill it. We're avid Biltong eaters and the Biltong we were getting here was nothing like what we were used to eating back home, by offering biltong that you can easily, simply and securely buy online or through various retailers we're sharing that love with our customers. Biltong here by and large seems to be made using ovens at high temperatures and using very nasty Chemicals like Sodium Nitriite, Sulphur Dioxide and Potasium Sorbate and made nasty with the use of soy protein as a bulking agent, we'll never do that to you!


We've transposed our business ethos to our new venture and now make a product that is air dried at no more than 35 degrees C, and we will never poison you or your children with these terrible chemicals. We source beef from animals that have had long healthy lives on the pastures of the NSW Northern Rivers and are certified cruelty free.


I hope you appreciate this honesty and enjoy our products as much as we do, please support us and buy your biltong online here.


Graham, Melissa, Summer, Zion and Rae Moule - 2017