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Jerky Subscription Box


For Your Next Jerky Subscription Box,

Make a Healthier Choice

A jerky subscription box is a terrific way to keep delicious, easy-access snacks in your home. Kids and adults love beef jerky, whether for school lunches, road trips, hikes, or just for something to snack on around the house. Setting up a subscription box to keep quality jerky coming to your house regularly is the easiest way to shop for this kind of product. Just make sure that the next time you choose a jerky box, you are emphasising health.

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Savour the taste, enjoy the savings

Long Haul

Save $53.58

Jerky Club

Save over  $37

The Faves

Save over $50

All day, every day

Save over $73

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Jerky Subscription Box Orders


At Byron Beef Jerky, we set up shop with the intention of offering a healthier, better-made, and delicious alternative to the other types of beef jerky available on the market. We wanted to help our customers avoid some of the common mistakes that often come into the equation when shopping for beef jerky. These mistakes include the following.

  • Not paying attention to ingredients: Many jerky varieties are loaded with nitrates, preservatives, and chemicals. These ingredients create artificial flavours, reduce manufacturing costs, and widen profit margins for the manufacturers. They simply aren’t good for your body. The World Health Organisation classifies nitrates as a carcinogen on the level of cigarette smoke. At Byron Beef Jerky, our jerky is made from free-range meat with no artificial ingredients. 

  • Prioritising price rather than value: A jerky box from Byron Beef Jerky will never be the cheapest option on the market. However, costed out gram for gram of actual beef content, our jerky offers much higher value for your money than most alternatives. Many jerky companies use ‘bulking agents,’ diluting the meat content of their jerky with sugar, water, starch, and oil. These agents enable companies to sell their products for lower prices, but they mean that you are getting much less meat in the jerky that you buy.

Beef jerky often gets a bad rap for being an ‘unhealthy snack,’ but it doesn’t have to be that way. With healthy beef jerky, which is exactly what we offer at Byron Beef Jerky, jerky can be a high-protein snack and a healthy part of your diet.

Related Services We Provide to Jerky Box Subscriptions

In addition to our jerky subscription box plans, Byron Beef Jerky offers a variety of other services.

  • In-store sales: You can find our jerky in several retail stores in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Use our store locator to find stores near you.

  • Online orders: Do you want to try our beef jerky before you commit to a subscription box? If you aren’t nearby one of the stores that carry Byron Beef Jerky products, you can order individual bags of jerky right from our online store.

  • Wholesale options: Do you own a shop or meat market in which you’d be interested in selling a healthier type of beef jerky? Explore wholesale options with our team.

Why Trust Byron Beef Jerky Regarding Jerky Subscription Boxes?

Whether you are considering a subscription box or are just interested in trying a bag of our jerky, you can trust Byron Beef Jerky to provide a quality product. We are extremely transparent about how we make our jerky—and how those methods compare to what mass jerky manufacturers are doing. To learn more, contact us today.


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