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Biltong Wholesalers

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Sustain Your Energy with Biltong from Wholesalers in Australia

If you enjoy retailing to hikers and other wilderness fans but don’t want to break the bank, look to Byron Bay Jerky as biltong wholesalers in Australia. We produce genuine, natural products without any preservatives to maximise flavour and give you exactly what you’re looking for to add to your current retail offering.

Benefits of Biltong Wholesalers

Our biltong is specially made to be true to the original recipes, with the benefits of modern production. 

  • No Preservatives – We believe that food is meant for eating during its natural lifespan. Artificial preservatives are designed to make food less edible for the things that would be working away at it over time, so it makes sense it may be more complicated for your client’s bodies to process. We recommend you refrigerate your biltong and store it for up to four weeks. If kept at 4°C or less in airtight packaging, it can survive an additional three months.

  • Several Flavours – Our biltong comes in three different flavours to enjoy. Try the original combination of spices that made biltong the favourite cured meat of many outdoors enthusiasts. You can also purchase it in garlic or chilli flavours if you favour stocking a rich taste.

  • No Allergens – Our biltong is made pure, without soy, MSG, gluten, or any artificial flavourings. Your body will know how to process each ingredient, so there’s no danger of an allergic reaction.

Related Services We Provide to Wholesale Jerky in Australia

You have several options when you buy biltong or jerky from us:

  • Gift Boxes – You can purchase jerky, biltong, and trail mix in convenient gift boxes for your friends. Whether they’re outdoors enthusiasts or simply like the taste, they’ll love the variety of flavours, convenient packaging, and quality ingredients. The attractive display is also helpful for showcasing the flavours if you’re a small business or trying to attract new clientele with minimal funds.

  • Jerky Flavours – Select from numerous flavours of our jerky in addition to the options for biltong. Some of our favourites include Smokey, Teriyaki, Chargrill, Chilli, and Smokin’ Hot. For the bravest souls, we also carry Extra Hot.

  • Wholesale Prices – Save money when buying in bulk. For individual buyers, the most economical option is the hunger buster 500g pack, made to last and share. Markets and other shops can buy our retail packs; we provide recommended retail prices for you to consider. Purchase in bulk to unlock special rates to carry jerky your customers will love.

Why Trust Byron Bay Jerky Regarding Wholesale Jerky in Australia

Our story started in 2009 when we opened as a small mum-and-pop business. Our goal was to make and share food that we’d feel comfortable offering to our kids. To accomplish this, we used Graham’s familiarity with South African biltong to offer various flavours in both biltong and jerky. We believe that by using traditional recipes and top-quality ingredients, we can make and sell food that’s good for everyone involved. Contact us to discuss wholesale rates or learn more about our biltong and jerky.

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 10-12 Dudgeons Lane, Bangalow,  NSW 2479


02 66870500

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