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Keeping the Faith in 2019

HI Everyone!

Our work at Byron Beef Jerky by no means done but we are changing the way Australians are looking at jerky. Nine or so years ago we stood up for Healthy Jerky, we stood up for all of you and your right to a product that is extra low in sugar and free from the nasties that you're sure to find in the big commercial jerky products... something you can feed your children with the same level of confidence that we have giving it to ours.

A little bit of sad bad news...

While we have been working hard at our goals and setting a very high standard for new players in the market, 2018 Saw a big increase in Australian Jerky of the use of 'Off Label' Nitrites in the form of 'Beetroot Powder', 'Celery Juice' and so called 'Sea Salt'. These ingredients are not Powdered Beetroot or Celery Juice, they are the highly refined Nitrite extracted from these natural products and the labelling of it any other way than as Nitrite is at best misleading.

The only reason these ingredients are added is to be able to add moisture and increase profits. This is done at the expense of your health and their integrity.

A lot of good news...

More and more new operators are making the healthier style of jerky and this is good news for all of us jerky eaters. Jerky should be a part of our diet for so many reasons, Australians are starting to understand this, so there's a lot of growth to be seen in the Australian Jerky market over the next few years. Keep an eye on the sugar levels and those tricky little things that shouldn't be there.

Happy New Year all of you! I wish all of you the best for 2019

What is Celery Extract & Why is it added to Deli-Meat?



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