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Our Traditional Biltong is made to our family's age old recipe.  

We use only the most natural ingredients; including lean grass-fed beef, sourced from the pastures of the clean and green Northern Rivers. To that we add Murray River pink salt, some vinegar and herbs and spices, that's it. Truly, no nasties added. Free from MSG and artificial preservatives. You can truly taste the difference.


Tender and mouth-watering, like catnip for humans, this one is addictive and not only that but guaranteed to keep the vampires away, which is always a good thing. Hand dusted with all Australian grown garlic that has been crushed, dried and added for your pure enjoyment.


Rustic and old world, our Chilli biltong will transport you to a place and time where things were simple. All a man needed was a chunk of meat (perhaps an accompanying beverage) and a good woman....ahhh the good old days.

Traditional Bites

As respected makers of both Biltong and Jerky, the question that we get asked more that any other is "What's the difference between Jerky and Biltong? Many people believe that Biltong is just wetter, but that is not entirely true. What is true though, if you don't make your biltong using a time honoured recipe then "It's just not Biltong". Byron Jerky's Biltong Bites are Dry Biltong.

Garlic Bites

Packed with Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C and Calcium, Garlic is super good for you. It was the original SuperFood. Add that to Byron Jerky's Superfood and you have a SuperSuperFood. 

Q.What do you get if you cross a SuperSuperFood with a human being?

A. You get a very satisfied SuperHumanSuperBeing. Oh yeah gotta get me some of that...I'll take two!

Chilli Bites

Hot and dry, just like the Karoo (that's a South African desert).  Packed with Protein and with just the right kick these air-dried Chilli bites will definitely put a zing in your step. Spice it up with a go anywhere snack, great for all your adventures.


Beef sticks are back! Move over twiggys this is how it is really done. Pure diced meat mixed with some of your old fave's, rock salt and  black pepper. Nothing too fancy here. Easy to get your gob around and great for a road trip or a lunch box.


 10-12 Dudgeons Lane, Bangalow,  NSW 2479


02 66870500

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